Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TargetField-Shakopee-Afton-Hudson (Stage Race)

Who needs Subru Cup, Nat Valley, Tour day Swiss... I got my own personal stage race...

You've got yours too if you think about it... The stuff that's on the schedule, and then fit in a bike race... If that ain't stage racing I don't know what is. FGs of the world know what I'm talking...

Lookin back-
Friday highlight--- Pat Neshek (team ricoh candidate) pitching against his former team and surviving the inning. Hanging with Dawn/ Kids/ Uncle Paul/ Sean, 3rd base behind visitor dugout 12th row- courtesy Ames Construction.
Saturday- done in by the TEA CUP at valleyfair, don't fear tower of power or wild thing, but caution when it comes to spinning the wheel on the TEA CUP. Down. I was down after that. Out of medals. Jack and the Goat would be pleased seeing me green and down... 
Saturday (cont.)- Asked Dawn to marry me... I love her, she is the yang to my ying... PTL!!!

Sunday--- Afton is your friend (or I thought). Years of trailwork and helping with the race course brings no personal advantage, it's still a kick to the shin. Race was difficult, heat/ humid/ swamp... All good. First 3 laps  felt like I was dragging a plow on those stupid 29" wheels. Lap 4, after handful of endurolites and a carrot up ahead, shook off the funk and finished not getting cheated (even though no manhandler climb).

Then Hudson to celebrate Mom's (Lyn) birthday, Father's day (DeWayne) and some good fellowship with family (fiance Dawn shruken Hulk and Wonder Woman)... PTL x2!!!

Finished off night with a 1.15 hr lawn mow into darkness...

Jimmmay got the big point... on film no witness required.

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