Friday, June 17, 2011

SuperHeat Plug to Buck

This week the mental workout was 4 superheat plugs... Identified leaking during a hydro... Now what? Gasket replacement futile, no plugs this side of new jersey... Awesome. Then to Buck, I liked the start... Found the lowest spot in the sand to dig out of... Start was like kicking an ant farm up... Frenzy. Found a spot mid pack and just looked to know my role... End of lap one was feeling like my plug leaking boiler... Popped. No gas, just survive the hour and wish I had a second hour goal... Made a stupid move on the ski hill cross track, should have just sat up... Back and forth with Sandberg and SS COC guy... Honey and Jimmmay in fast corner barking, couldnt look or be eatin sand... Ha. Not sure what my number was in the end, but eyes bleeding goal was achieved.

RZ Worldwide Production- Photo by Jim

Next up... Afton is your friend...

Talk Jim into racing in Sun...

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