Sunday, August 7, 2011

Buck Raiser/ PugBuck/ Fanatics in town

Buck 2011 closes out with some great fundraising... Thanks to Penn Cycle, Ames Construction, and my Honey Dawn for their efforts to make an impact on cancer. I have been blessed to not have cancer take someone from me until I met my Honey and her story. I haven't looked up the stats, but I'm sure almost everybody gets touched by the cancer killer. As a person of Christian faith, you ask yourself "why", and you lean on what you know is true. You lean hard on it in these situations.

Dawn and Penn Cycle Pat- efforts raised over $3K which will go to family...

Pug Buck- so in classic LCR fashion some show, some don't, some bring the fat, some don't. Disfunction is the function, but the clan stepped up to support the paragraph above...

Good to be back on the Pug. If I had to pick one bike, it would be the one. Racing fat was fun, with the Hillslide not so good of day, needed to make eyes bleed and maintain. Was able to roll the 34lb clown bike pretty good. Don't know the physio lingo, but the higher power ratio/ watts burn helps with the heavier load spin.

Weekend full of Fanatics in town. My boy and his Pops from college days at UND/ Fighting Sioux territory back in town. Back to back Twins games with some catch up on life...

When I say fanatics, I don't jest. Jay'd run through a brick wall to see the Purple on top. For me, 1977, 1998 and 1999 still freakin hurt.

              Jay, Benny, and Kirby Puckett!!! (where's jim's bike?)

Duluth Lester race WAS the target... But all the action of Fri/ Sat and the UP trip coming up gave me a valid excuse to punt... I don't like to punt much, would rather turn it over on downs... Say la vee.

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