Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hillslide... Got a match?

Whaat can I say other than another day of beating meself with a stick... This time it was combo, part mechanical + part ran out of matches.

Day prior, rest and relax on the lake (good sign). Morning of, no hunger (bad sign). Drive up, wondering why (bad sign). At Hillside had new agenda, assist in flyer distribution and word spread for BUCK THURS BENEFIT RACE, so racing was secondary (good sign).

On line, the always quiet and too serious tone split by me and me mouth saying "BUCK THURS BE THERE FOR BENEFIT". Some dood of Freewheel gets offended saying "one race at time", huh??? Young Jack was ready to pounce on dood. Young Jack will be LCR one day.

First lap and half was filled with using up matches to get back after 4 dead stops (bottle fall, RD pop, ting ting, and more ting ting). Had no 5th match, light went dark. Time for survival mode and hold off oncomers.

Problem is, Hillside/ Richy Trail is fun, and the tech makes it more fun. In anti fast guy form I give up time for riding the rocks, teeter, skinnys, flings. It's a Ricoh/ LCR thing. I ain't the most skilled but I will not bypass.

Finished off race head down stairing at front wheel... Many excuses/ poor result. Ha

Allgood. Always another book of matches coming up, just don't know how many sticks in the book.

Anybody guess who this riddler is??? He was the top of the LCR food chain back in the day... He is missed among the OG's...


Anytime you can ride a bike and it's about more than just riding a bike, that is a good thing.

Bring out the 4" fats... No snow, sand will suffice.


  1. I did the teeter on the first lap. Thought about the skinny in sec 2 last lap at end of race. I thought about the OTB rack in section 3 too. but no witness. sqrl

  2. anyono remember that gorilla running around Afton 24 between his laps, it was hot out

  3. Larry,

    Sorry about the misunderstanding! I was just joking around and didn't mean anything by it. I'm glad Jack was able to exercise some self-control. If it makes you feel any better, that was one of the worst races of my life.

    Chris "Freewheel Dood" Ames