Saturday, August 27, 2011

"If Ifs And Buts...

...were candies and nuts, it would be a Merry Christmas all year long."

My slogan for 2011. A year of good riding, but way too many IFS and BUTS.

Allgood. Just being able to ride a bike, must appreciate that and not get all balled up in the racer boy hoopla.

Border Battle- Not sure it qualifies as a battle, for a MN/ WI thing it couldn't be milder. At the line I barked out a "go gophers" even though I'm a Fighting Sioux. Didn't get any sort of bucky badger comeback...
Overall- was pleased with fitness, BUT didn't take advantage of it (branch in rear end somehow didn't tear off the rd, lame crash/ classic, and the best excuse the bottle blunder with my Honey/ Ha! now but not then... Ha.)...  Shoulda been a fifth lap. 36 place of more than 60 Cat 1's...
Got to thank the KORC (local trail group) guys for building and maintaining that trail that came from nothing just  few years ago...

                                        Token photo...

Up next... Not sure on the race front, but will find a way to self punish on a bicycle... Election in 3 weeks, I think I'm eligible again.

Hey Jimmmay, wonder if a 4.7" is overkill? Can't even run it in the back. From no fat options to too many options = 8.


  1. Roady cheeshead!

  2. Nope. we gonna put 3.8 Nate ruts in those morcie 4.7 larry ruts. haha.

  3. What about a Husker Du?

    The band rocked.

    The tire is TBD.