Monday, September 19, 2011

Taking Back the White Hous

Oath of Office- Speak the language, defend the office, collect points, hide.

Cheq40- More to come later, but it's good to be president.

Congrats to all riddlers that partook. Specially those that haven't toed any line of late (Habs, Brendan O), my Bro for taking it on with a bad wing, my Sister for the podium effort, and Fitz for leading the Rebecca train to the finish. Thanks to Dawn, my folks, and the Barsness family for use of their cabin.

Pic has nothing to do with Cheq, but a reason I like riding gravel.

                                        On top of the world- A Goat, and his guy


  1. You give up more points then you collect.

    Wonder when goats guy will kick goat off roof and get his own guy. The Ricoh way...

  2. Sub 2:30, but no top 100, whatup with that Pp