Friday, September 9, 2011

"Stare at it too long...

... and you'll go blind." (Whata smart phone will do to you- ask the Bike Hermit)

                A Goat, not The Goat.

Maplelag/ aka Laddies Loppet/ aka Series race at Callaway/ aka Richard's Family opens up house and home to mtb racing.

Many visits to Maplelag. Last two years have been very enjoyable... Dawn and sKids had great times. This year nogo with big first days of school looming...

Trip up this year with Eddie/ team socialite. We got a good preride in, short track heckle, family style meals, and the wander aimless/ run into people/ chat/ continue to wander... Learned how to use wi-fi as well...

Race plot- 1:30PM takes forever... Off start hung out in back, mistake. Hit the lake drops and some that never ridden were surprised. Result was got hung up and a gap developed. Tried not to tweek, knowing it's a long 2 laps. Rest of lap legs were like spinning squares. Didn't care that I was giving up spots, due to the great trails that Jay Richards has developed. It's tight, twisty, root infested, old school trail. Makes you either ride with a grin, or a death grip.

Lap 2, got warmed up, ended strong (passed some, got passed by none). Finished with some gas in tank.

Allinall, no matter how you race, the great trails make the ride worthy. I think I was 19th place, mid pack, wanting a 3rd lap.

Fast forward to yesterday. WTR. Thurs night race hosted by KORC. Showed up 5 min before start. Ha. Go! Off start from no warm up, legs responded. What? The entire 1.5 hr race eyes bleeding/ legs gave it. Was even able to reel Barry T back in... 3rd to Barry and Fisher. Huh. I need to do the none warm up, go, more often I spose.

Got some quality time with RW Memorial today. Stairway to Heaven, really loose and sketch, what a treat. Canada's downhill trail backwards, Ricoh style.

Up next- (For sures) Presidential Election, St Cloud, LCR Levis Beatdown Fest.

Qpete, tweek on...


  1. should come to lacrosse and ride the trails here..

  2. HPT, last visit my girl saved a bunch of ducklings trapped in a storm sewer downtown, while I was enjoying your singletrack... I really like that old school hiking trail from the lower lot...

  3. Huh? Save Ducks? Thought you use em as tug-o-war tools vs Snapper turtle T-Bob.


  4. Great having you once again Larry. Thanks for supporting our event. Enjoy your rides.