Sunday, November 6, 2011

17th in state.

Series awards last night... Food/ Awards/ Social/ Swag, very nice indeed.

Thanks to the people that put on races for the rest of us... Not sure why people do it, but I do appreciate each and every race I get to partake in...

2011 Series Highlights-

  • Afton- anytime you get punished on the trails you made is a hoot.
  • Mankato- First time I've enjoyed that place... Wasnt that hot this year.
  • Red Wing- Had a good race (13th) on great trails
  • Du Lac- Long weekend of family fun on the shore. Paid the price and died a very slow bikedeath, carb load? race on 1.5 mcdonlds pancakes and see how you fair... rookie FG move, Ha.
  • WTR- Had Wood on the ropes only to get giant stick in back end of bike. Still amazed I didn't tear anything off. 
  • Maplelag- Bike Camp. More singletrack/ trails keep getting better... 
  • Jail Race- Richy on me like flies on rice. Not skipping any tech for fear of point loss. We drilled it. Young SPH Matt commented "you two are freaks on the singletrack..." Ha. We fail, but we don't like to skip stuff, especially when it's an LCR showdown. 
Old Guy Class- Still Riding Bikes Like Kids

Johny Depp or Charlie Chaplin?


  1. 17 in state. State of france.

  2. Charlie Chaplin, on a pug for sure.

  3. New cover art. WHo's the guy w/ the turbin?

  4. Hey Anonymous "Bridesmaid". Have you ever made the podium - and not in a race with your nieces?