Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not so rolling now, Daryl..

Many sayings, one is "Stare at it too long and you'll find something."

Admiring this sight, after years of no knobb/ endomorph only option... Thinking to self, "wonder how knobby tire will impact the motorboat effect?"

Then I found it... Daryl is now rolling with a hop. Was it a month full of (non snow) brush bushwackin, rock flings, log piles, junk heaps, stump rides, picnic tables, concrete rubble, punjis, skinnys that wobble, train tracks, choclate chips, deadfall crossings, or just bulldozing through sticks?

Probly not. Most likely just a root, rock, or my lame air at high speed on a roady line at the river.

Homebrew rim liner showing pock marks on tube as well. Good thing it's a fat tube. Not a stretched thin 26" for the weight conchus. Scrap homebrew. You ever changed a flat at -10F??? Hands become clubs only.

Would you throw this away?

Going to miss pure motorboatin with no knob... Jack says keep it for an "endomorph only race..." That comes from the guy who took them off and ran nokians on the marges at a Richy Race... I was shocked it worked. Pt to me Pirate that day, smoked everybody if I recall correct. The pre B Moore days? ha.

LCR Turkey's Ride on Thurs... Don't forget to bring a dish to pass...