Friday, November 11, 2011

11 = 8

1. Gravitate to the technical. Fitness is easier to gain then technical skills.
2. Love to make your eyes bleed... Suffer.
3. Finish. You will remember adversity more then podiums.
4. 2 types of racers- those that race to ride, and those that ride to race... Be a race to ride type.
5. Ragnarok.
6. I don't get the dig yourself a hole/ overtrain thing.
7. Ride Windows- cycling is self centered and addictive, balance life and family
8. Ricoh for life.
8. Love the technical. Push the envelope. Take risks. Break bikes. You'll gain more then you lose.
8. Bikes force you to stay young. Good thing mostly.
8. "My Guys". You gotta have some.
9. Stay connnected with your associates that are forced to leave the sport. What if you couldn't ride a bike?
10. Cheq 100. Sums up all that I seek in bike racing these days.
11. Voice of Reason would say "keep your guys down."

Some of "My Guys"


  1. Hold up. Your my guy.

  2. Will I see these guys at the RIVER? Zamboni purple or great grey? No peppers and 7 + 0 - 9 does not equal 8.

  3. Wish I could still ride and race. Miss it sooo much it hurts sometimes.