Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another first (bike related)

For the past 2 months been battling what I thought to be a nasty verruca vulgaris (aka wart) on the left foot/ second toe. Symptoms were cauliflower looking knob, sharp pain in toe especially when trying to bend it, and some history with the creatures. Tried acid kill skin method, creature wouldn't die. Drastic measure, to Hudson Clinic, doctor tried nitrogen freeze. No kill. Knob and sharp pain still maintained, creature alive.

Sunday night after Richy Race, I'd had it. More acid burn allowed all skin to be removed. Scraping cauliflower off, felt a ting, like metal. What? Kept flesh digging, Grasped end, pull. Out came a piece of bike shifter cable wire, 9mm in length. Yap, shifter wire, not brake wire.
Moral of riddle-- Never walk in your bike wrench room area bare foot.
Richy Race Synopsis- Richy guy Ben dug deep to ward us off for first section/ nice work, another Richy Guy on ground early/ TKO'd. Had a picnic with Jim new recruit Barry Tungseth for 7/8's of race, from behind Jack heckling/ Jim point collecting, joined by new fat fishcat Owen Thole at 1/2 point, Coldbert waivering ahead w/ head down working hard on fancy new bike with Dave Move Up Hoglnd, Heath holding 2 spot on SS pug (Pt.?), and #1 with #1.

Could tell I need more high end work. All this river stick bushwacking/ tree-stump-skinny circling/ gravel road escape has me long on time/ but short on eyes bleeding VO2 max end.

In LCR world all that really matters is where you finish against your sisters. Coldbert with the LCR victory, like Jack said, "rather get beat by Hollywood."  ha. Good to have many Goons on the line from Oscar de la Henge, to Magic Johnson, Peter Stock, Paul Haberman, PaulZ (jack guy) to call out a few.

None of my guys showed. Typical.

And, I can squeeze my toe now with no sharp pain... Whaat a treat.


  1. Shifter cable, how do you know?

  2. Honey! You crack me up! You are the only person i know that wouldnt feel that wire go IN your foot right away! LOL!

  3. 9mm..............huh? What?

    You from Canada?


  4. I'm sure it was painful, but that is really funny