Sunday, January 29, 2012

Skinny Denial

First tracks on the tech or a 3rd place in racer mode??? I'd take first tracks on the tech every time. But...

Rejection after the fact. None prior even tried.
Freewheel run what you brung race... 2" of fresh powder changed conditions, certainly adding fat bike advantage. Freewheel Kevin mentioned he'd give me 15 seconds for skinny cleans. Appreciative, but on this day with 2" of fresh white on top, worthy of more like a minute or two... Was also informed neutral start...

Off start wasn't so neutral (lesson learned)... #1 and FK to the front, I was in about 8th spot hanging out. Daydreaming put me on the ground... Chased back/ spent a few matches getting to 3rd place. At the plastic skinny ducked under the off limits tape, got up/on about 1/4 way the nates were slipping/ got scart and manualed off the side landed clean and pushed back on track to still hold spot. Coldbert gave me a "point" but no point deserved, I didn't clean it. Attempts and rejection don't count/ he knows.

Fresh powder making the BB7's iced up sketchy (excuse). Pulled FK back in to 15 seconds but my monkey business claiming first tracks on what I could at race pace didn't help me any... In the end I gave chase, even skipped skinny in the picture above in a failed attempt to reel in FK. Full loss of points.

Race ended with #1 w/ #1, FK at #2, me at #3, and one Coldbert riding strong at 4th. Was hoping RichZilla claimed first tracks on the skinny's but the sounds of it, not riding since thanksgiving has put RZ into a self induced pain cave.

Hung out with the race culture, then went back out for solo redemption lap... Trail torn up good on second lap/ rutted fun!!! Got first tracks on the race off limits/ slow line tech stuff. Noted that ALL racers avoided the skinny's/ and I still got kicked off on the riddler lap. Limped back in rejected... Forgot how the game gets exponentiated with fresh powder on the real tech lines.

Fun time at Murphy, thanks Freewheel... Talk is next time more than just 1 hot lap...  A135 2019 training.

Good LCR goon squad representation as well (Coldbert, LCR1, RZ, MVP, The Marx, LeMac/ no waffles). Even ran into a Bike Hermit running an old school circa 1990's commuter SS/ canti brake/ 1.9 semi slick hike-a-bike machine... Would give a point if he knew our game. But he don't.