Sunday, January 22, 2012

ER Race Backwards for 2/ 4-Sale

Treated to a backwards race... I like that.

4-Sale--- Jimmay Homebrew Studded Tires.
Not for sale--- The Nates.
Difficult to re-hash this race, bein backwards and all... Rode with an SS Red Squrl for the duration. Chris Fisher on the hardtail with homebrew studs for the victory. He was flyin. Too bad #1 wasn't there, would have been interesting. Heath and I on the Nates. Those tires got me 1st in Fat Class.

I guess there was a race at Murphy... Wonder if anybody followed my line for tracks on the Murphy skinny's? I know #1 wouldn't, but maybe Freewheel Kevin...

Thanks Richy... For running it backwards. LCR style.

In my mind I can hibernate until Spring now if I want... But I wont.