Friday, March 16, 2012

Dull Slingblade...

"Some folks call it a slingblade. I call it a kaiser blade." Says Karl Childers.

Time to start sharpnin the kaiser blade... If blade stays dull, sling harder.

QPet, your aweful quiet for a questioner. Sat for 6 in the saddle... You scart.

Next week, wonder how far south we have to go for Jim to find them wild gators? Bet Karl Childers knows.


  1. Got any of them french fried potaters??? mmhhhhmmmm.


  2. what do you mean Sauber.

  3. Ha, that last ones gotta be Jimmmmmmmmay. Can hear him saying it all confused.........

    Scart? train departs @9

    B there


  4. That T-shirt brings back memories... Mine is from the Coors Light Off Road Classic II, 1993. My 1st MTB race. Drilled it at the start... got through the gates in about 3rd, then it was all up hill. Just before the steep gully downhill, I hear a loud crack! My handlebar broke in two and I veered into the woods. Walked it back to the start. DNF. The day prior I pretended to be a BMX racer on a BMX course with my fully rigid 26" mtb. I bit it hard over a jump, heard the same loud crack, but didn't know anything was wrong with my bike. I get scart thinkin bout what wouldve happend if it broke halfway down that gully. dh