Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tip to tip to tip

River Bottoms last hurrah... Tip to tip to tip. LCR code for what you'd call Lyndale-Ferry-Cedar-Mounds-Lyndale. More hazards with the ice, means more joy on the bike. All the logs and traps got tracks, some slip/ some not so much. Found a couple new lines (planks and junk) put in by the west side riddlers/ nice work.

Note- If you really want to get across 9 mile creek, there is no stick bridge, no ice cross, no raft, but you do have this...
Bike shoe shuffle with 32lb fatbike adds to the threat. Perfect.
Heath's Eagle Log... I wont forget when he found it. We all got real quiet.

First tracks. Eagle stares you down. You can avoid, but ride away knowing you skipped.
The lack of snow had one positive this winter, more lines with tree skinnys, stump rides, junk, and brush piles.  Those who say the river isn't technical ride with their head down acting like those skinny's/ stumps/ and junk aren't there... Crossed paths with Youngblood, LazyDave, and CF Dan... CF Dan never been, felt obligated to show him some of our traps, especially after I ramped his Surly after a yardsale on the ice...

River season over... Next Fall start over from scratch.


  1. I am still quiet about Eagles head. One of those traps I know will get me.

    What does Blood think of the pungii sticks in his trail?

  2. Tip to tip......

  3. Ride on 2012 Lar!

  4. Whats the target?

  5. Thanks for the tour Larry. Good stuff O plenty! Look forward to getting a 2nd shot at some of those traps. Might have to recreate a couple of them in my back yard. Fun stuff fo sho.

  6. Good to know someone else loves the technical stuff at the River Bottoms, Larry. I've been taking photos and blogging about it since the beginning of the year when I started, um, keeping my head up. Let me know if I've missed any of your traps.

    See my blog posts tagged with MN River Bottoms.

  7. another "look at my blog guy"

    got him on that LCR team yet?

    1. Smells like Sister LCR pick pick pick.

      Anonymus state name or stay in the closet.

      Although I don't think my guys use quotes.