Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Gravel Vortex

Lakeville- 270th St rondayvo- Castle Rock- Dennison- Nerstrand SP- The Vortex- Big Woods- more Big Woods- Dundas- Northfield DQ- Chub Lake- Lakeville

The Vortex
Recap- Pedal, riddle/ bicker, flat, circle, repeat, break up and scatter. To the Vortex.

Alt version- Eddie and Wilco meet me in Lakeville, rondayvo with Wondertwins, and Qpet/ leMac at 270th St. On time/ all went smoother than a normal LCR ride, Eddie with token hour 1 flat. Head farther south, with The Vortex on the mind. More Eddie flat(s), both of his bikes in fact. Made it to no mans land south of Dennison by hour 2.X. All participants looked a bit mistrusting of me when I pointed to the Big Woods. So they all scattered like cats. Solo from there on, just me and Neil Young/ Primus/ Ministry/ Pixies/ Tool/ Melvins/ Son Volt on shuffle. Circled all of the Big Woods, had to take a photo of The Spot. This is the vortex of yag gravel in these parts. You can beat yourself to a pulp in all directions.

Eddie flat 3 of X  
Was thinking to self no visit from the wizard? Wrong. Mile 96, the Wizard showed up alright, made any thoughts of a strong finish vanish.

7.X hours of saddle/ circle time. (copy/ paste last blog post) Finished drooling, head down, staring at front wheel.

This Qpet gizmo best not tune me down on Apr 14th.
I hadn't heard "Thieves" from Ministry in at least 10 years. Maybe that's what brought the Wizard a knocking.

Europa spring classic day. Fabio... Attack!


  1. Glad I wasn't invited. Sleevless and armwarmers, who is that?


  2. Max film star. Wouldv'e made it too distracting to ride.

  3. See Jim, he does'nt listen Hearl Jam when alone, does it to bumb out copilots in car.

  4. Lollapoluza 92!

  5. Ha.

    Lollapoluza 92, Ministry came on stage at dusk. Still remember the chaos, human ground hornets nest.

    Pearl Jam! Eddie Vedder stage dove onto my brother.