Tuesday, October 16, 2012

River Fat Traps

Been since Feb, I'm back. Tip to tip to tip (35-Ferry-BD/Cedar-Mounds), a 3+ hour tour. Many traps intact, some weeded in yet, a few rotted, and more sand deposited, still a great game. No better way to hone in on the fat handicapp skills then at the river. D Rider has adventure rides for the aquadic types. We just set traps, and give/ take points.

You ride the MN River Bottoms in Bloomington and never seen this? Either your riding with your head down, or you act like it don't exist. Location is directly west side of 9 mile creek. "Heath's Eagle Log"- You can't miss it, or will you? The log has wings, ask Heath.

Heath Eagle Log

Treated plank + good sized log = Trap. You add any sticks to make this an easy up and we will discard: "Jerks" is the name, it's what they call us when they can't ride it.

"Jerks". Easy is not spose to be the game.

Moss only means 2 things. Randy, or nobody riding it. The second applied here:

Moss Log (part of the noname log skinny crop). Ride it.

Many many many more threats, like Shapes, junk teeter (jack has an idea), west side multi-traps (thanks to those that set), dirt fling, Stoners knob, jim stump, hot dog, triple threat, tootsie roll (weeded in yet), sand single, Habs bypass, Cheater, stumps, Grunt up and off retaining wall, mound stumps, and the one that stops us all for amusement the "up and over".

Note- Thanks to Mr. Youngblood for the Black Dog bridge work. Don't be offended if we stick with the difficult lines. LCR.

Forgot "Zigzag!" and "Youngblood!" must yell it or sing along when riding those lines. ha

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