Monday, October 1, 2012


"Going on an easy ride." Ya right. Shouldhaveknown, no such thing in my world. Day prior to race easy ride... at least it was until I taco'd the front rim while sight seeing out on some public land riding through a dried up slew mud hole...
swiss taco
Had a better blog opp/ pic than this, but I don't usually think in terms of interweb moments. Me slamming this rim trying to get it straight enough to run through the fork arch. 5 hard slams and it was true enough. Good thing is I only had to wobble 4 miles to get home with tail between legs.

A combo of this and a sieve of a fork had me reeling... No series race. Was questioned, "why don't you ride your Pivot?" ha.

Hoping all of my well used and cobbled together race parts are functional for Saturday and 75 mi of Levis. TBD. Chuck/ BB on a 911 on my behalf. Bike drama...

If not functional for Sat, I can always head back to that mud hole for an easy ride.

Note- Jack never called me to go pick up a deer. Shutout pirate.

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