Monday, October 8, 2012

Levis WEMS Championship Race (bear growl in 3's)

Levis-Trow Mounds, why do they (WI) call them "mounds"? Nine years living in that State and I still don't get it.

Wasn't expecting a championship race victory... But when it's dangling in front of you, ATTACK. So for the final 5 race hours, that's what I did.

A root killer, and medal.  WEMS Championship medal. 

Good day on the bike. I know your thinking, "how'd Sauber pull this off?" I gots to say, 12 hours of tent sleep in 30 F temps dialed me in. 7PM to 7AM. No Farm Team late night fires, no last minute bike riddles, just me my sleeping bag and a wounded shin from a failed attempt on a lucy loop skinny.

pit, pit crew, worn out race bike = victory

No need to bore you with the play by play. Just go ride Levis when you can, we mulched many leaves up but didn't ride some of the good stuff due to fragile nature of the dry soils. Lack of precip and sand base has some trail (Toad road/ Sidewinder/ Corkscrew/ Hermosa) in rough shape. We (me and my Goons) tend to gravitate to the stuff that most others just try and avoid. So, in 2 weeks when we go back, LCR game time. I'll bring the Fat for the sand, and the medal. ha

Note- Hat off to Dirty Benjamin Martin for his WEMS SS series championship. Also, Mr Farrow showing us outsiders the DBD mantra (late to race, but instead of doing the short race starting later, sticks with his plan and does Enduro, no matter where he placed or the consequence). Well played.

"Bear growl in 3's..." Next time you camp at Levis, when the sun goes down, listen I say.

recovery hill repeats. geared, not SS, or fixed.

Note- Weeds are dying. Lines opening up. Jim is setting traps. It's about Fat time.


  1. Champ. Your the mark. Keep your knife sharp.

  2. Your background picture, it's obvious who you are, but who are the other 3? Where were you at? Moab?

  3. Results say Larry Sauger from LCR won... ha ha ha.

  4. Yap. Moab, coming down the moto lions back. Looks tame for afar, but get on the spine and your knees shake. Ringer/ me/ STH/ le Pirate. Habs volunteers to take the shot. She must have had enough with the Slickrock- Porkypinerim loop.

    WEMS Site calls me "Sauger". Never been called a Fish or the BA from No Country for Old Men.