Thursday, March 21, 2013

All good maps have North arrows...

Details are over here... LML RACE LINK

Wasn't counting on legit Winter conditions, but will take it over cold soup... Finish quick and you wont have to taste it...

Plan 8. 
Bring your graveled ice game... I know, there is still snow singletrack and fun rutts to ride... You can do that on Sunday, or next week for that matter.

"I got first tracks on the rock!", said FmrX. {How'd you do that with a bad shoulder I pondered. Whaatdoyoumean?}


  1. Sauber are those the tulip notes?


  2. Tulips or Map reading?

    LOL, scan n print Mongo style.

    Least I dont gotta worry bout you getting lost for once.