Monday, March 4, 2013

Cuyuna Whiteout

Good times up nort... Yaakeee trail in mint condition, road it all both ways actually/ Timbershaft backwards. Fast paced race out at the Sagamore trails, so fast Horns got caught copying Goos' aero roadie tuck, pt. And ice racing on the Serpent Lake. New Guy CF Dan with the victory!

Not CF Dan, but "Riddler of the Ice" was he.

Ice race was the highlight. Switched out the low end Nates for my home brew 200 screws/ tire Endos. Had a blast attacking and being attacked. Couldn't corner, but keep the bald tires straight and it was a missle.

Richy trying to pay me back... after I got him first! Point.
Pic courtesy of Cuyuna Nick

Grapefruit fancy beer... Habs coulda lapped me.

Only regret... The Yeti lives!!! But I never got a picture.

Oh yeah, race results... Ah whatever... Consistency is the game I guess, 8th in the xc race, 4th in the ice race, and I think 4th in the drag race... But some where saying, you were the first fat in the ice races. Lame, not down with handicapping. But will for you, your fat and the 80+ miles of mystery LML.

LML- Do you think 3 weeks will allow clean, ice free gravel like the past 3 March Springs? I don't think so... Be prepared! Gravel cross bike, mtb bike, SS bike, or fatbike, which will be the best weapon on the day???

NOTE: I'm devastated by what I missed out on over the weekend. So I was out riding and racing instead of sitting in front of my computer and I miss out. Getting myself fired up just typing this, better stop now... Argg!!!


  1. Good times after the race to say the least. Got a little out of control at the other establishment.

  2. Sorry I missed out, got tuned down by poon-tang I aint even TANGIN.


  3. Brightside is u was pbly turned down by antitang too. BEst case scenario!