Monday, March 18, 2013

MotherNature Cookin Something Special

Question. Has this snowbike singletrack weather been great or what!?? 

(-most like to post bikes, bike parts, training regiment, and feats, I prefer to post about junk to ride)

Lebanese Serpent Log
Lebanese Serpent Log- 5 attempts, 5 fails. Made it all the way to the iced exit. Could have removed ice, but that'd be winter cheating. Humbled, made my mark, let it be known "LCR" was there, and just moved on.

10 day forecast is looking perfect for an iced gravel race.

Conditions Saturday are going to call for studs, super knobs, or studs+fat. (you've been warned)

Thinking on this, I could proclaim the "Iced Gravel 81 Mile World Championship."

Will post up final comments on the LML RACE LINK later this week.

REMINDER: Park just North of Harry's in the Walmart overflow lot. Race starts promptly at 8AM, swag you bring it and we swap during social hour at Harry's Cafe. The quicker we start the sooner we beat what MotherNature is cookin...

REMINDER: We are attempting to do something greater than a bike race... FUNDRAISER LINK

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