Friday, July 12, 2013

Like shearing a sheep

It's been 4 years but I folded. Temporarily eliminated the hassles of coming home imbedded with dirt and bugs caught in the hair traps. Time to shave up. Actually when confronted as a 'leg shaver' I combat that with 'I clip'. In reality, I shear.

Pro's, con's, and why?;


  • Can't blame me for the knats flying around the house
  • Less risk of messing up the fancy couch
  • Easier to clean out the wounds
  • I look even more like my brother
  • Dirt rolls off with the sweat 
  • Tick spotting
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Inverse body mullet 
  • Seriously, it doesn't make you any faster
  • Doesn't make me feel any faster either
  • Clip, cut and Shear only. Razor smooth, nope.
  • 'Cheesehead Roadie' 
  • Stranger's at the gym ask "do you do triathelones?'
  • Dawn not pleased, stopped the shearing madness short of the nether region.  Hair remains from there and above. 
  • Taking this bike thing a wee bit serious aren't we? 
  • If you really want to get fast read Tyler Hamilton's book. BB's and edgar. Never mentioned once anything about leg shaving.  

Why do you do it?

Unless it's to rid yourself of bugs and dirt, it really makes no sense.

Sense pays the bills, but doesn't pedal the bikes any quicker. Shear on...


  1. HUH? Body mullet but Tiny AFRO don't compute.


  2. Wrong on the evaporative!
    Beard/leg hair act as a radiator and holds the sweat in/on for cooling.


  3. Jack. Yiu know hair. But what about the bugs/ ticks?

  4. They can not penetrate