Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot Buck, Murphy Rhino Race/ Cancer Awareness

Thursday's Buck was a treat. Temps in the 90's, Heat index of 105 or something... Don't get an opp for a beatdown like that around here too often. Add the bonus of the Death Rider beatdown race route (backwards up the washouts)... No chance for getting cheated on this night... BUCK THURS RACE RESULTS

Today. Like I typed before, no better reason to ride/ race your bike then something greater than riding/ racing your bike... Rhino foundation, 5 hour race at Murphy... Great reason, great trail, great swag, and great grapefruit beers. Habs???

7 laps. 6 for 7 on the plastic skinny. Curve log in the weeds 1 for 3, first time clean (Gregerio witness). Second lap the Hulk was doing combo hot laps with Wonder Woman, went for the pass as I was lining up for the skinny, he went down going for the pass, I basically flopped off the log into the weedy brush wondering 'what happened to my little Bro?' ha. He was good, so was I... Continue on.

5 Hour Pirate
STATS- #1 with the victory. But Johnson and Funke tie for the gold medal (Herman rode from home, the BC-AllStar did 2 laps before the race start/ MDH training). Wondertwins hot lapped it up. Horns, Rocket, Bush, and le Pirate were not cheated, neither was I.

NOTE- (Donna LeTourneau, Ollie Busie, Glennis & Ron Youngbauer, Rita Poppitz). Registration form had a column for people you'd like to honor during the event... Certainly left an impression on my brain during and after the biking.

4th place reward. Jar of Jack's pickles. 

Another note- King Buzzo and friends at Grumpy's today... Dangit. Wonder if Charles and Co represented? Mudhoney when the sun goes down...

Cancer sucks.


  1. You LCR types would give Duck Dynasty a run for the money.

  2. isn't Heath #1


  3. Was a great ride. Love those long rides. Do they put results up anywhere?