Monday, July 15, 2013

De-taco'd at Lester Park

I'm getting good at un-taco'ing front wheels. Much better at that then truing them the legit way. Pushing dead weight in various dungeons of my youth pays off once in a blue moon.

Maybe I should write up a 'how to un-taco a bike wheel' and put it on the interweb. On the web, has got to be truth and must work. Right.

Even better. I could contract these 13 year olds that I know that are into putting videos of themselves playing Mindcraft on U-tub into taping me slamming front wheels off the ground...


You'll find me at the bottom of the list... But they don't publish the DNF's. My taco truing technique wouldn't have helped Eddies mess. It does have it's limitations.

Swapping stories with Jack. The rim wasn't really legit taco'd. Taco would be a full fold of the wheel. This was more of a ripple'd chip or frito of the rim.

NOTE- I was scolded for having mud on my bike at the race... Yeah I pre-rode on Sat. Yeah in the mud. Sorry. I'm not hard wired to the interweb for trail updates nor do I have a shock collar keeping me away from any sort of supersaturated/ wetted soil. The modern age of mountain biking has many pro's and a con or two...

Up next- need me a new or modified front wheel for Saturday and the Rhino Rally MTB Race at Murphy. There is no better reason to ride/ race your bike then doing it for something greater than riding/ racing your bike.


  1. Shame on you Sauber. Morc have any shock collars?

  2. Rippled chip of the rim... hahaha! Your odd ball humor is so LCR.


  3. Get the dumb roadie ride pic off here. Full Moab pic please