Monday, August 12, 2013

Cuyuna Rusty RACE & spray tan

I'm not one to save it for race day. This week I tried it though and cheated myself out of a good story or three at Buck... But. Had a good ~100 mile day in the saddle at the 2nd annual Cuyuna Rusty Ride (RACE) benefitting MORC and mountain biking.

On paper. 100 mi for 1st.

THANKS MORC, CUYUNA MTB Club, all the volunteers, and some good competition.

I think this buckle would look good on the sheep's head manaquin in the Behind Bars front garage window... 'LCR rules?' ha.

Participation buckle. If I'd have DNF'd, would have handed it back in...

Cuyuna spray tan... people sit in booths and pay for this...

Next year bootie socks to lower the tan line. 

Ya I know... Since when should this Sauber taste any sort of 1st place... It was the friday night all you can eat fish fry at Ya Betcha Bar...

GOOD LUCK to those (Funkemaster and his Guys, & #1) heading to the MDH 100. Keep your head up and on a swivel... I still remember 13 years ago at the MDH, when Luke Nelson biked right into the middle of a herd of cattle, next thing you know stampeed. Didn't phase Luke. ha

Living the bike dream week this week, cept I got something keeping me off the bike. Riddle that...


  1. Larry you were like a diesel fired mack truck pinning it out there.

    What drive train do you run?

  2. Impressive race Mr Sauber.. You went by me with words of encouragement. Was appreciated and actually got me moving quicker....... thanks!

  3. blah blah blah........

    Larry you'll always be my wippin boy for the point.

    Keep your guy down!

  4. Heard you been reading tyler hamilton's book. Learning the ins and outs of blood bags and needles?

    Somebody test him. He ain't real.

    hahhaha. You the man Sarge.

  5. I happened to see you coming into town from your first lap. There was a car stopped at a stop sign. You never slowed a bit as you went around it(safely I might add). You had a focused/possessed look in your eyes..I thought for a second you were gonna ride up and over the car. I know you love to take the harder line. Great job Sarge! If I don't die at the MDH, I'll line up with ya at the Rusty next year.

  6. Laaaaarrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy.


  7. I run a 3x9. 44x32x22. Granny only gets used to take tension off the FD when the bike is stored. Yeah, why don't I take it off? Once this drive train is nothing but scrap metal I plan on going to the 1x10 midwest setup. I also have a salsa tooth ferry bash ring mounted over the top of the triple ring with spacers. Total weight, don't want to know...

    The rest of you haters... Get your LCR colors on and go ride a bike you old coots.