Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cooked/ Not Cheated

You know your cooked when off the start you try and ramp it up only to realize you could be hypnotized by staring at your front wheel in combo with a steady drop in heart rate instead. All I kept thinking was how could a 16 mile Mont Du Lac MN Series race seem way longer than a 100 miler? 

I don't like to cheat myself, therefore leading up to the race all I did was beat myself to a pulp. That beating incorporate the best trails of MN and WI, Chequamegon- Duluth. 

Wednesday, Cheq OO North on new Seeley Pass to Ojibwa and return, 4 hr tour. Outstanding! Thursday, Rock Lake- Hildebrandt both ways- Wilson- Patsy- Namekogon, 4 hr tour, best 4 hour loop there is around. Friday, rondayvo with some beloved Sisters for the new Spirit Mtn DH trails (worthy of your visit), and the best 7-8 miles of trail in MN, PIEDMONT. Saturday, Du Lac pre-ride plus the DH ride/ no race= sally's (odd the DH more groomed than XC), Hartley Park, and Lester...  

Reward for riding the gnar at Piedmont

Sunday rolled around we all mumbled about going back to Piedmont. Well we are all suckers for the racer boi thing, so we did played our rolls (mid and backpackers, wheel breakers, riddlers, and sandy baggers) instead. MN SERIES RESULTS

ho hum. Sandy Bags' guy

Note- The Mamasita held up well on the DH and the Piedmont gnar. No wheel taco's, all true. Thanks Random Bikes! 

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