Sunday, August 4, 2013

WTR. MN Race in WI? Yap.

Hat off to the KORC guys of River Falls. The puzzle they've put together into an MTB trail is worthy. A mix of most anything you'll encounter on an mtb xc trail in MN/ WI. Trail is certainly worthy of a stop in prior to or after a trip farther east into enemy territory...

My sort of race warm up on the non race stuff...

1 for 1 on Tues, 1 for 12 today. Almost tore my RD off too... ha.
 Another gift of a good day to race. Conditions perfect off the start. Carnage up the funnel climb, to a dust bowl of epic proportions on the top (can I re-nig on my perfect conditions, bring on the rain I prayed). I've raced many a dust races but I've never had one where I started to convulse during a drink attempt. Laughed after the fact, all this bike dust inhalation, we are all going to have some sort of odd silicosis lung disease in 20 years... I can see it now, bunch of old coots with O2 tanks and wheel chairs durbying...

Anyhow, fast trail keeps you honest with nicely pinned trees on the lower edge of the trails. You want to widen the trail, you'll pay the price... Rode for the majority with Young Basco brother Kasey, lad has some bike skills... First time for bee sting to the hand while in death grip on an off camber. Had to take the bee abuse until I could remove hand from bar for fear of superman into the sticks. Yelled to MattHowie 'bee's are attacking'. Guy behind me commented 'you are biking in the woods Larry.' Ha.

Interested in the... RACE RESULTS

Shift gears back to Sat...
'Pseunami Slide'. Kid partay. Slide was more thrills than you'd think. Superman launch like a bullet into a 3' deep pool. Kept thinking this is almost worthy of the Squirl Clan winter bobsled course... Talking about renting it again as end of summer rally...

Air blower has to run continuous. Be ready for tripped circuit breakers.


  1. Did you invite the Goat?

  2. Lung disease? YOu mean modern day smokers cough.

    30 years ago it was marlboro.

    Today it's dust and floaties in the air.

    I wonder what Foxster has to say about it?


  3. You pre rode the wrong one. The fling stump with the skinny board. In Barrys trail. Still mine.

  4. Psunami Pslide !!!! I'd put money on you riding it backwards.