Thursday, April 10, 2014

Can't Truss It.

Chuck D and Flava Flav said it best. Their deal was the man. Mine is fiddle farting with technology/ data/ and the mind traps.

Note the backup system...
Spent way to many ride hours monkeying with new Garmin and all the gizmo's.

Wait. Maybe I'll have fresh legs for the Queen of Gravel/ Ragnarok?

Doubt it. Second year in row the lungs poisoned as part of the wearing down process of putting on a race and trying to drill it in the end...

See you Sat. Or not?

RS- bring the ROK. Defend or submit and disclose to the guy/ gal that most closely resembles a farm dog freed to fly. Think on year 1 and that one black lab about 2/3rds the way in that would not submit, just flew.

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