Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ragnarok Version 7.0/ the grinding process

The ship of the SPH let sail their 7th version of Ragnarok. Rain, lightening, bucking winds, no sunlight, reports of hail, one nice snow drift, and the privilege of interrupting that annual foot race in that one park. Only thing that would have capped it off woulda been a nice sheet of ice like year 1 dished out.

Recap- Spit out the back at mile 10 after using an early match attempting to take back the original KOM Rok/ first up Leherback hill. Reminder of the 90 miles was 20 more miles of rain, and an ode to the Melvins and their gem 'the grinding process'.

I hit repeat a couple times on this little ditty-

See, I've come to realize with this new data I can capture that I have no top end. But, if you don't have 5th gear, 4th will get still get you to the finish with a 'grinding process' and the number/ placing that the goon squad riddles over. 'Infinity and beyond...' 8.

Heath. His hill was a treat to clean on a road bike.

NOTE- This year the worthy earner of the ROK was a young lad on a SS. He earned it per Heath, and was eager to accept and willing to defend it in next year. Parker Roenfanz, good work. And make sure the Ladies winner accepts her Rok with a similar vigor. She shouldn't diss the ship of the SPH.

NOTE 2- Qpete, you know what you must accomplish now.

NOTE 3- Thanks to Lisa T./ RDRACER mobile unit for the sag waggin support!

NOTE 3- Good work to Catfish Domonic. Now you just need to learn the motorboat skillz.

Learning- Need to add a flashing to my tulip holder or ditch it for a ziplock. I was in range of the doom of helpless when my notes turned to mush whilest turning pages with soaked gloves. An eager and humorous MKurke came onto my wheel for a bit while in the Goodhue vortex. Gracias Kurke, looking forward to Sandwich 2014.


  1. Nice ride Mr Sauber. I tried to stay on your wheel, but could not hang. J.

  2. Larry did you make it up Heath's hill without getting off your bike?