Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Do you wheelie on your road bike?

Said my Sister The Goat (angered) as she finished the road climb to the peak of The Ribbon trail (epic dh trail GJ, CO).

Nope. I don't (I'm no Sagan), but was forced into a corner/ had to gap jump my road bike today on my commyute adventure home.

Replay (no gopro)- Closed min main gravel rd, washed out good sized rutt, 25 mile/ hr on blind roadie dh, zoning out to One Hot Minute/ RHCP. React is all I had, launch, look to otherside, and hope the wheels comply.

No time for pic, had to TT it home to get my daughter to piano lessons. She rocked it.

Flash backwards Ragnarok:
For those that had the stones to show up to the real Spring classic around these parts, grind it in the rain from mile 0, you obviously noticed the photographer (Liam Gilson) on the day. Go to LINK . Photos for hire.

Heath's Hill, clean feet/ muddy bike

Flash Forwards:
See you on Sat at the Dickie Scramble P/B riddler D Wilson? I'll be bringing my spoon to stir the pot.

NOTE: Actually The Goat was on Her Kona Dawg Supreme that day, not a road bike. ha

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  1. I've seen you wheelie a roadbike Sauber. Sandbagger.