Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hot Legs!

Rod said it best... Jim second best...

Was 'Hot Legs!" under the mud...

2.5 hours of slogging along riddling "whens the chain gonna break..."

Eagle log has some mud on it now... 2 for 4 isn't bad in baseball, but tree skinny riding with slick nates is riskay. Did a spinnaroony and shot right off it... My witness even riddled the Rd Squrl.

Mudblind in front

Artistic for a bunch of goons + a pickle. Trashed bikes... Good thing Spring is here.

9 chains never broke...


  1. I think it was 8 chains

  2. My winter beater pugs not trashed, just some wet sand to hose off. My legs were hot.

  3. I'm telling on you!