Sunday, February 12, 2012

8's+3/ Red Four

Hillside figure 8's for 8th, ID'd as 888. Bested by the 88 that took 3rd. Jimmmmay!
Say Le Vee Gray Pug(s)
Jims secret weapon, keep the BB warm... Riddle this...

Henge Worthy.
Unsure if Horns/ MVP held down the 3rd or 2nd overall Coldbear series spot for me?   Burn it.

"Red four. Red four. Red four. Don't forget your parking spot dummy." Said to self as I'm shuffling into Lindberg terminal...

Las Vegas now. Will I need the niterider for Bootleg? Need to find the Jacmay ditch ride down to hoover dam. Jack called me on it.


  1. Heat pad to the bottom bracket? Odd, but you guys are LCR

  2. Losing your car in the airport is the best.