Saturday, February 11, 2012

Teeter Wobble/ No Studs/ Bootleg?

Jackmay told me about new teeter on the west end... Head on a swivel, spotted on return route. 25' 2x10 plank with no anchors. Just thrown across logs. Perfect. When on it, your thinking "will it pivot or not..." Then once validated, it adds a third rotational/ wobble dimension. Makes you grin.

Non-LCR, but very good/ picture does no justice
Very odd week. Thought my work clipboard got stolen while at 1st grade concert, phone call in middle of ride yesterday requiring kid evacuation, 6th grade green sheet fibs, wedding class, pool party, pack for Las Vegas work trip...

No time for studs. Hillside at noon/ flight at 5pm. I got that Guess Who song in my head "Got Got Got Got no time!!!"

Hope to have time for Bootleg Canyon this coming week. Will see if can pull off between process hazard analysis training. See OSHA 1910.  


  1. Wedding training? That like putting alot base miles ala "building phase"? Who needs to sign a name with this many Q's?

  2. Divorse bike clash comes first? Or maybe after wedding?

  3. I saw an LCR on friday riding logs off to the side of the trail. That must have been you. You guys have a certain way you ride your bikes. Crazy is the word.
    Steve L.

  4. inspire me!!! Best regards, Charlie