Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Can't Bike In Vegas -> Couture MMA

"I will find a way to punish self..." Hours of OSHA process safety has left zero time to get to Bootleg Canyon so far. Hey! Randy Couture's MMA gym is on only 3 miles away. I use to wrestle, I'm in shape, Randy Couture is way older than me, matter of fact most of the Goons are way older than me, if scart I'll just resort to throwing weights around and sweating on some electric machine...

So I get there. Friendly MMA guy at the desk, "sure come on in... You want to work out, sure. We have weights, cardio, we have classes for you too..." My response, "ahhhh.... Classes. I can wrestle but thats about it..." Friendly MMA, "no worries Essay, you'll do fine, everybodys welcome."

Randy Couture's Mat
I get in, get a leg weight burn going, sweat up, cardio, the trainer guy points at me, "you ready for some muay thai???" Put on the spot, "Who me. Ahhh never done it." "No worries, ay" says the Canook. I follow, line up, warm up with some sort of line dancing they'd do at any mall fitness. Throw some punches in the air with a bunch of dudes that look like roadies (all shaved up with fancy clothes). "This is yag" I said to self. Just walked off back to dead weights.

Got a good burn and watched some grappling. Those dudes are more the MTB of MMA. No leg shave, no fancing clothes, full of dirt from rolling on the ground.

from the corner where I hung out for much of the time
While doing circles in the weight corner, Forrest Grifffith walked past. I thought, man he reminds me of Futureman (a non bike BD buddy of mine). There were plenty of other TV fighters there as well. One riddler from the reality show, can't remember name and too affraid to ask. ha.

All in all, I'd rather be on a bike lost in the desert. Hopefully later this week.


  1. Why didn't you spar with Forrest?

  2. Ha, Griffen grow hair out = Gieffer.
    Brian grow hair out = Triple H
    Larry grow hair out = MONGO

    Q (no hair grow out)

  3. Lacra paded bike shorts doin MMA, thats you Sauber

  4. Did you offer up a MTB Beatdown for the MMA culture? LCR/GOAT style!

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