Saturday, April 21, 2012

220th & Joan Ave (1 Mi N.)

So you never heard of southern dakota county version of Chimney Rock ay???

Good gravel too and from...

This can't be the only "Chimney Rock" in the lower 48 can it?

Random thoughts on the 5 hour slog-
  • Key to OSHA audit, technical description/ impacts to Health & Safety
  • Dang I wish I had these legs last Sat at the Ragnarok.
  • I have an idea for a duathelon with Chimney Rock in mind. Bike/ climb/ bike. 
  • I have a minor in Geology. Upon review of Sandstone monolith, I forgot most of it. 
  • Listen to the lyrics of "Dreamin Man" by Neil Young.  
  • Wood tick detection, hairy legs. 
  • Tool is coming June 23rd. Same day as Cheq100. Arg!
  • The limestone cap keeps the chimney rock from eroding.
  • Don't think your house is an investment.
  • I still can't master dialing in a front derailure. 
  • Wonder if Jimmmmay would sell me that weight room he don't use?
  • When will the Air Force retire the KC-135 and B-52? 
  • Those politicians that voted against the Viking stadium should be concerned.
  • Bike-Climb-Bike. This sounds stupid enough I bet I could lure the Sisters in, D Rider as well.
  • What is bilateral leg weakness Joe Mauer?
  • Heath should take the scout troop to this. Then bike home.
  • Dimensions of Chimney Rock, 30' hight, 10' wide.
  • Spring Classic in France. As long as a non-Schlek Northerner wins. 
  • What's the real reason bikers shave legs? ha. Especially non-roadies. 
  • Quit racing and take up rough stuff rondayvo'ing instead??? ha.  


  1. Deep thoughts...............

    and STiLL ridin the gayrvel????

    Extreme Southern Dakota is ALMOST Utopia


  2. I'm in for the bike/climb/bike sounds like fun

  3. Non of us have climbing gear.

    We'd all be scurrying around in our sidi's like cats.