Friday, April 13, 2012

Wabbits. and May I have a Witness!

These guys Momma decided to nest up right next to the house...

Momma is never around... Leaves the kids to fend for selfs... Does that qualify as 'stay at home Mom"? Should bring to TriFlow, he'd fend for kids I bet.

Tomorrow Ragnarok. I hope conditions suck. Misery loves company. And I like hearing all the roady excuses how not, how sick, how this/ how that... I'm no Hercules, more of a Mongo to some. I have my own history of lame outs. Don't we all? Even Boonen and Fabio are candycorns. Not Mr Proenneke, machine of a man. If he'd of ridden bike, look out Cannibal Merckx.

Look forward to validating attacks in the name of the Rok. Nothing like full on attacks with 90 miles to go... That would please me to witness, rationalize, and hand over the 10 lbs of sandstone.

Somebody claim it for a year.
Bring on the misery, take home an SPH gift of ride and Rok.


  1. Bring it!!!!!!


  2. WWPD? Applies to many things. When in doubt......apply.

    "What Would Proeneke Do?"


  3. Sandstone? Looks like ignus rok to me.

    Anti-rag for life.

    Jims house.

  4. No bail even in excuses, the gnomes and sisters are watching..