Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's been 18 years. I often think, if he'd have visited a pawn shop too, bought a bike, sucked into some beatdown rides with his guys, maybe he'd have kicked the drugs for a differnt type of punishment.

Thanks Troy, for hooking me up with that first pawnshop mountain bike. Still remember riding around trying to figure out how to shift gears. It was a bianchi, white, don't recall the name, got stolen off my porch in college. Renters insurance and my lab partner (bike shop guy) hooked me up. From there on I was doomed.

He had 2 choices Matt Ch 7 or Rev Ch 9. He took the later.

Note- In Utero was recorded in Cannon Falls, in a house down by the river. It's on Qpetes bike route to nowhere.


  1. 1991 at 7th St Entry. 1992 First Ave, 1993 Target Center, done.

  2. Hey man that's a sweeeeet pic on the header for your blog

  3. 'will you feel my love buzzz!!!!!!!!'

  4. I remember the morning I went to school and found out about this. Great post.

  5. "Ain't it a shame', nirvarna blues cover. Listen to it.

  6. " He who makes a beast out of himself,gets rid of the pain of being a man "

    It's got something to do with drinking but seems to go well for biking.