Monday, June 18, 2012

4 Days of Lumpin'

If you ever done manual warehouse labor, you know the term 'lumpin'.

My new brick. +8

The last 4 days were flashbacks to my youth. To the day when I was a slinging pallets of fresh food from semi trailers for cash, lumpin. Back then it was 'strong back/ weak mind'. In my youth when it came to work I did not slow down, would not retreat, gimp/ bruise/ or tweek like thesedays.

Also realized over the 4 days of non bike, my work ethic is very similar to the way I ride a bike. Straight ahead, don't avoid the obsticles, don't always conquer, but attempt nontheless.

CHEQ100 on the brain. Prep, wired up my $14 cyclecomputer + magnet. Last year never looked at it, 2 years ago was glued to it... I would prefer the later/ no course markings. Make the point and shoot types earn it.

Note- Back in my lumpin days I would ride on Sunday, the day after the effort. These days I fear it will be a 100 miles, go to bed, then getup slow, go home, cheated. Nevertheless, it will be good hanging with the FarmTeam, oldguy's/ we all aging the same, cept the Goat. Ageless.

Got this song stuck in my head while lumpin...

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