Friday, June 1, 2012

Buck 4-1= 3

Sprechen sie deutsch???

You get it???

Weeknight racing, for those that know, you know sometimes the biggest challange is just getting to that sand hill intact... This week have multiple things pokin at me. And the little guy in the back of the head saying "you stupid you got too many other more important things to do then ride a bike..."

Heath had a good pointer once not too long ago, said something to the effect "problems. go do something else or stop whinin" ha, that resinates. RS is a magician, not magic, magician.

Buck 3, on the day attempted to back off on the coffee, partial success... Perfect weather to ride a bike as hard as you can... Got to the lot late thanks to extended work non-fun. Jim was already done taking his nap...

Ride/ race recap-

  • Warm up lap, lactic leg pressure still present from last weekend death marches, backwards course- gotta love the backwards!, dehydrated- still too much coffee. 
  • Late to line, snuggle up mid pack next to my Sis. Look across to see Jim ready for the point claim- can Jim beat me off the line with a bad knee... Richy got in on it too.
  • Off start- mild spin outs and chaos, find path of least resistance, see the ugly's of blue and yellow ahead, dang it got double pointed- both Richy and Jim get me off the line. Got one point back when I reeled in an Ed Guy Johnson who was all smiles on the front row (informed he best maintain or lose point).
  • Lap 1- Hanging with the Hulk, we were slowed up a bunch but never did the "I'm a fast guy out of my way" banter... 
  • Lap 2- Hanging with the Hulk, found our spots, moved up a few.
  • Lap 3- Hanging with the Hulk, found a Heath pushin his bike back up the tar path... What?
  • Lap 4- Dropped by the Hulk, trying to shake off the cobwebs, cheering on the Rec's attempting to no be the "I'm a fast guy out of my way" thing.. Finish swatting at the cobwebs... Hat off to my Bro for kickin it down!

Sum up- do what you got to do during the day, have fun on the sand hill at night. Give what you got, and don't let the "I'm a fast guy out of my way" keep you down, elbows wide, make em earn it. Case in point LCR Marx, kick back Brother. Crazy Civil Eng Joel, keep doing 4 laps!

Jim can't use this, but I can...

German marketing... ha.
Wonder if that German bike mechanic would have beat Jack in the Cloud town beard contest?

N Iowa in 2 weeks... Bikes and bike parts boxed up and scattered... Let's hope I don't need that one RD hanger for a while. 

Weekend of packing/ bike rides (no race)/ Madeline dance recital (partay!!!)... 

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  1. Ha...someday I will be able to hang. Till then I will bike the path of least resistance and move out of the way like a master. Thanks for encouraging comments bud!