Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trailwork/ Recon

These days this is the sort of trailwork that I partake in...

Ride it.

Follow the cairn's into the weeds... LCR style.

LCR Corner Entrance
LCR Corner Exit

Recon for a loop. The Puzzle for the most part is complete... Now must decode the details (I do know this, target Mar 23rd)... Earlier is better, only option is to ride gravel when the singletrack is closed. Misery loves company... 

A good spot in the middle of nowhere. No cover, just you and the wind.

Still packing for N Iowa. Came across this shirt. Cherry Bomb 2000 or 2001? Bought this same shirt for Jack that day. He started his pattern on that day, decided to skip the race. But kept that shirt til it wore out. I'll give him this one...

Not sure if this Cherry Bomb was where I started my no-DNF streak (9-10 years)? Flatted, airless... Habs offered, but wouldn't break the rules... I learned the hard way. Walk out.

I'd like to make the SPH MN series race in Red Wing... Not sure I can pull it off, will be my first day as a resident of N Iowa.

Until then, I will vote tonight. My parting sayonara behind the cheddar curtain.

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  1. Walk out. haha. Panaracer 1.9's wasn't it?