Wednesday, June 13, 2012

N Iowa sunrise over MN

Gettin my 24 Hour Team practise on... Out of bed and on a bike in 40 min...
Sunrise with the livestock. I prefer angus, but holstein steers make good feeder cattle.
Been dreaming on this day... Commute to work. No bike culture bags or trendy hippster gear, just me in LCR lacra race mode sprinting 22 miles across gravel, ditch, black top, and "there ain't no trespass sign/ go for it" to be in a collared shirt at a safety meeting by 7AM.

24 Hour Team??? My fact says I picked Jack, he picked Jim, now Jim must pick the 4th wheel. Alternative, I have no team. ha

The way home will include more ditch and non-road stuff. I have a few loops to get too and fro.

CHEQ100, finish, whos giving me a ride back to Lakewoods? Ya I know, get the point, ride it.

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