Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All hail the Hulk

In a hard fought fight with his wife for the office of Team Ricoh President... The (shrunken green) Hulk rules the roost of riddlers, cave dwellers, and lacra clad extreme novices.

Oath of office: Speak the language, defend yourself (I mean office), collect points.

Lon, years of this (flat on back/ crash/ out of medals) should set you up for success to defend (and defend off) the Goons... Remember this one? Henge caught you takin a nap. Happy Birthday Sukka!
12 hours of Farm 2003. Lon meets Chaska dirt. Point.

Note- Great job to the presidential runner up... Wonder Woman (aka Rebecca). If you get a chance to ride with Her, see how long you can carry on on a conversation before she drops you while still chattering on.

For me it was all North Iowa, no Cheq to officiate(last minute plan cancel). Not too fret, I didn't cheat myself. In fact, had 2 separate visits with a log spine skinny. The first sent me packing.

Note 2- With advances in mountain bike technical riding over past 12 years, Cheq40 has become a road race sponsored by mall fitness. Modern day Cheq grit is earlier in the year and it involves 100 miles of "mountain biking". Finding the interweb post race synopsis's and defeat interesting. How could a 40 mile mock road race have that many excuses? But it does. Finish in the top 100 and be PO'd about it, yag. Take up triatheloning then.

Sample of excuses- Start position cheated, leadout scetch, tire rub, rosy grass too long, dusty, no legs, roady draft pimped, such a long race season..., handlebar loosened up (my excuse once), bonk on birkie, dropped my bottle, "gel now" says the Goat, and of course the all time greatest roady excuse,"I'm sick".

Random (Note 8)- Jack ever gives you a jar of his canned ricoh pickles, use the juice to marinade some pork chops...

Jack's Juice Marinade. Delish pork chops! Ask him about his special sauce.

Note 3- Happy B-Day Lon-dog!!! Stealing your line, "Go Big!"

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  1. Lonie get pinned by his bike?

    Or did StoenHenge boggle his mind so much that he fell over?