Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jail Trail- rim it

Jail Trail Race... Trail is a hoot. Twisty older school singletrack, sketchy in spots, herk and jerk flow, enough technical to keep you honest with your handling, no sucky climbs, some good rocks, and at least one fun tech type climb.

Sunday, perfect weather for bike racing. Dusty/ super dry conditions, decided to drop the tire pressure during pre-ride (what is pre-ride? shouldn't it be called pre-race?). Tis a fine line between tire grip and tire fold to the resulting rim it tap.

Caught a curve ball thrown by one RZ. Last blog post I commented on Zilla and his race last year. Guess what? RZ decides to use his expert license and series reg for this race... Ha, Point. Good one. Jimmay was all grins staring at me on the line. Good one Goons. LCR game on.

{Insert random pic here}
SS State Champ 2007 (LCR!) + 3rd place, 2nd? #1?

(back to current event) Got a kick out of the prolog ski trail lead out. Fast pace, grassy tight corners, random racers flailing into the sticks, bottleneck wasn't too bad. Found my filler spot and basically stayed there for the duration.

Thoughts of mention; Lap one, riding through the boardwalk, rooty trail, felt the rear rim tap. Dang it! Can not stop to decode for fear of the RZ looking to collect a big point. Kept riding, could feel the tire slowly but surely loosing air. Forced myself not too stop. Tire squish, slowing and lost contact with group race. Milked the tire and finished with it folding but holding. How about that! I don't believe in luck, but on the day I got lucky with the air loss.

2 for 3 in that 1 rock garden with the hecklers. Lap 2 dabbed, but informed RZ went out of medals in there. ha. Jim said he was 2 for 2. But that's NOT 3 for 3. Also told the fast guys just ran it... Point.

Finished out in my typical "filler" spot. Race was one/two laps too short. Finishing well under 2 hours. Flipside, another lap could have had me off the bike in a scramble adding air, and Richy grin'in. ha

Next target, Oct 6th and Levis Trow.

I'd like to try a park race sometime this Fall. Keep with my 1 day 2 race in 1 park every other year streak. Yap, I typed it. Will see or not.

Listen to Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden. Making a come back I hear...

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