Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm no Proenneke

Very consolidated trip to Cheq. Mission accomplished. Off the grid for a moment. Got my ride fix, Ojibwa/ Seeley Pass, active recovery swim in Lake Namekogon at 8AM, the full enchelada in the rain/ lovely rain (Rock Lake- Hildebrandt forwards and backwards- Patsy- Namekogon).

"Seeley Pass" new trail (having too much fun to stop and take a pic) location, South off Ojibwa between C27-C28. Machine built Imba 2 way trail, flow and more flow with a 60' long downhill skinny (with consequence) that you can ride uphill as well. Trail dead ends, assume they (Camba) are waiting til next year to make final connection with trail north from OO. Spectacular!

Pre-ride active recovery in Lake Namekogon at 8AM.
Blissful wakeup

Hildebrandt and "my rock" covered in moss. That only means 1 thing, nobody's riding it.
Ride it.

Which line do you take when riding Hildebrandt during the Cheq 100?
Left line only. Point.

NOTE- Dick Proenneke a tough man of self-will and life, more tactful than Alexander Supertramp, less glamorous but of similar ilk to George Mallory which DBD strives to compare.

NOTE 2- Good work Gravel Conspiracy finishers. Proenneke toughness.

NOTE 3- Off to CHEQ again to officiate the Team Ricoh Presidentail Election. Only 2 candidates, the Shrunken Hulk vs. Wonder Woman. All former presidents are stuck in the metro vortex telling stories at backyard fires.

Oath of office- Defend the presidency, speak the language, collect points.


  1. No other LCR's in the Chequammy Fat Tire 40?

    You guys getting soft?

  2. Whats this world coming to? Cats in H20 now? You riding gravel and settin up the tent down by the water too?