Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ghetto Light Commute

Relying on this light setup from the junk drawer to get me across N Iowa to work in the darkness...

~38 lumen (with fresh AAA)

Needing this...

900 lumens

LCR has 2 satisfied customer's with the homebrew Amoeba lights from CO... I need to be the third.

Jail Trail race on Sun not Sat. Guess the threat of the Ed-duro don't exist anymore. So, Jim types to me, "you don't have to worry about Richy, he's racing Comp." ha! Last year Richy was on my wheel like flies on rice. Or is it white on rice?

With LCR all that really matters is beating each other down (on the trail and elsewhere).

Note- Fear the next coming of Jack Lambert. Crazy eyed tackling machine. I say to his dad on the sideline, "don't be one of "them" parents". Dad says, "as long as Lody backs it up, I don't care..." Myoot.

Oct 6th on the brain.

Then Nov 9th on the brain, with Oct 19-21 in between. Oh, and the return of 'Down by the River'. Need to recon and start trap setting. 

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