Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lakeville-Milltown-Lakeville- Race is ON.

Well, I got people I don't know wanting in... Guess it's time to make it legit.

You looking for something that is going to hurt, and put a smile on your face 3 weeks prior to the Ragnarok Spring Classic?

Sat Mar 23rd, 8AM. 80+ Mi, mostly gravel with surprises.

Want to check out N Iowa in a fresh new way? Never heard of Shieldsville MN, or the oasis of Cedar Lake? You say you've never biked across a swamp in a race, visited Milltown Cycles, or Harry's Cafe? Here is your chance!

Bonus. Do something for more than just racing your bike... YOU can make a difference.

Well then. Done deal. In. Pack a lunch. Sign up, and come bring it...   CLICK HERE

A good spot right in midst of no man land

Looking forward to the smells of spring... Just keep your mouth closed or you'll taste it.

Brung to you by Milltown Cycles, Harry's Cafe, and me.


  1. HA! Love how you gotta make it completely braindead-proof so the Myoots have no legit excuses.


  2. Tempting Sauber, tempting.


  3. Swamps, I love Swamps! Badges, we don't need no stinking badges.