Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back Door Swamp Ride

Flashback, out my back door into the swamp, 10 miles to Murphy, a loop of the mtb trail and back, and NO ROADS ridden. I'll take that over a hot lap race any day...

Backyard view/ into the swamp/ next stop, Murphy.
Present tense, raced the Carver Lake/ CatFish Cup today... Worthy winter trail. A good sized headcount at the line. Not sure of exacts other than was done in by Queen Bee aka Horned and a handful of others. Winter power not at the fingertips this year, many excuses, hoping to tap it soon once I lay off the pain/ my own version of crossfit. Result didn't count anyhow, was running the elite Jim Tires... Not quite lance doping, but in LCR world it don't count... Thanks Jimmmay.

Note: Flash backwards, found out the N45 boots are water proof as long as you pull your foot back real quick, and tap dance.

CAUTION: Late March, snow is gone, trails are muck, no trip west, might as well race yourself into shape... LML RACE LINK

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