Friday, January 4, 2013

LCR 2012 Recap

[most blogs are 'hey, look at me.' I like to think mine is more 'hey look at my guys!']

2012 Year in review:
Horned is the Queen Bee. Nope is our fatbike-fast guy. Jack starts smiling. RZ circus continues strong. Farm Team (Goat, Habs, FD, STH, etc) remains suspicious. Ed comes back from arrowhead. Pirate is the Timbershaft Champ. Qpete finished the Rag. Johson Winston or Winston Johnson?. Stoenhenge turkey day trailwork. Magic a fatbike expert. LCR1 still got it. Coldbert wins Comp. Fox is lurking. Go to Hendricks Clan for squirrel recipe. The Hulk is President. Heath still our guy. Le Mac and Marx Machine speak the language. Rebecca and cross fit. Fisher almanzo. Lil Dave makes multiple appearances. Chuck not as grumpy/ martial arts?. Rocket sharpening the knife. Where is Canada?. D Man needs a bigger bike. Chucks guys do great work. Osow crazier than seems. Ringer and Pink Lloyd make Jim laff. Beth ok after ko?. Gonzalez Gang represent at MN24. Lisa gets Jacks jersey. Stealth Doug appears at leMac Fest. Buell?. Buells guys exit, later. Pied Piper commits.

Ok, what'd I miss? (besides me missing Lazy Dave's riddle race/ Jack neck deep in 9 mile creek?)

Stole this from Goos. Chex Mix. A game Jim and I created. This is forward. Only backwards counts...

There can be more to a waste pile of mulch than you think...


  1. Don't forget. Chopper is plotting his revenge.

  2. Guuse is our adopted pickel.

    We'd take Miller and JJ pickels also.

  3. Jimmay loop many times and Goat's b day ride...... You missed