Sunday, January 20, 2013

Burn It.

I guess I won some xo brakes or something at the Penn River Bottoms race. Couldn't stick around after with the soaked river water pants and no spare change and all...

Was a test of my week long saga with the 5 year old failed studded endos. Brought them back to life with a revamp. Cut the 200 (yap 200) #8's down to a more realistic length, and add a jack liner (slit tube wrapped w/ layer of nylon fabric).

Result, NO FLATS!, velcro grip on all logs/ junk. BUT put it too race pace test and I felt like I was aerating the river bottoms. I had a blast trying to dig holes as I was riding...

200 #8 SS screws/ tire. Over done it and me... Just what I like. 
This attempt is a joke compared to the leading edge riddle technology. Nope not talking about $200+ per tire store boughts. Seeing those tires gives me the same thoughts when I'm driving down the road and see a bmw or audi... Fancy pants!

Leading edge riddle technology... Takes a few bucks, some scraps, bein smarter than you look, time on the hands, and burnin need to one up a sister... I have 3 of 5.

Happy B- Day Richy. Missed your game. I felt the heckles all the way from N Iowa.

Trying to figure out how to post Jim's monster log crash on here. You got to see it. Jim is down. Send him a signal that you care. Or take one of his medals/ collect a point.

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  1. Jimmy down? Tell him I care.

    I've got to see this vid.